Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Baggage Claim!

I've been trying to figure out if I should do favors or not. I go back & forth. I made a decision a few weeks ago that I wasn't going to do favors because our per head cost for the luncheon is over $100. Yeah.. for LUNCH.

I told my mom this & she FLIPPED. Here's our conversation:

Mama RB: WHAT? Of course you need to give out favors. Just give out cookies like you originally said you would. Your guests CAN'T leave without a favor!

RB: Um so the dinner, lift ticket & yummy cake is not enough of a "Thank you"? When do most of these people get treated to such an amazing meal served in the clouds?? NEVER! That's enough.

Mama: *laughs* I understand what you're saying- but people will talk if there isn't a favor.

FINE. I lose.

Then I found something super duper awesome: Luggage favor boxes! Yessssss.... Another way to tie my "travel theme" into the reception. Woo. Hoo!

These are $3 a piece. All photos from

These are $2 each. I would beef them up with a nicer ribbon & a map thank you sticker

These fit my color scheme the best. I could put a navy blue ribbon on it, a thank you sticker & call it a day! These are also around
$2 each

Okay with that being said- is $2-$3 too expensive for a container? It helps our theme... but what would you do with these after wards? Are you for or against favors?


  1. I love the luggage idea since your theme is travel! Favors are fun as long as you don't spend TOO much money on them!

  2. I'm all for favors, but I don't think they are necessary either... I can't say I pay much attention to them when I go to weddings... unless they are bags of chocolate like the last wedding I went to... lol... my fiance swiped two! =)

    I would be careful with spending on little containers though... it just reminds me of all those souvenirs that my grandmother brings me from her trips that are odd little trinkets that just end up in a box in my closet or (sorry to say) the trash... I often wish my grandma would save her money and not clutter my house! =)

  3. @Brittany & Jenn: Oh I completely agree... I'm really torn as to whether or not I should spend THAT much money on crappy plastic containers. For $3 I could get my guests something more useful: possibly a wine stopper or tons and tons of chocolate (shaped like planes?).

  4. Oh those are cute! I, for one, am all about the edible favours. I have numerous random items that fit into themes of the weddings I've been to and now look like a jumbled mishmash in my bookshelf. Give me a cookie however, and I'll talk about it for weeks. :)

  5. I am neither for nor against favors. :) We're not doing them because the budget has been stretched as far as we can stretch it without them, but if you can swing it, these are incredibly cute with your theme!

  6. I think favors are a must (unless your budget just absolutely can't swing it). I think they're such a great way to tie in your theme or colors, too. $2-$3 is normal for a favor (though I found mine for $1.05 each but when you add in the boxes and ribbon it probably comes closer to $2). I think the luggage containers are a great idea and with something edible inside who cares if people don't find a use for them? Do it! :)

  7. OH man, those are cute!! But I agree, probably better to not spend the money on the cute container that will end up in the trash or in some drawer. It would be better to spend less on the container and more on the edible treat inside.

  8. Those are SO cute, RB! BUT! BUT BUT BUT! I've also seen luggage tags that cost that much in bulk, and people would be more likely to use them! PLUS you could use them at escort cards!

  9. OOOHHHH.... I LOVE the luggage tag idea!! =)

  10. I think the luggage containers are adorable, but realistically are the people attending your wedding going to keep them? I definitely am doing favors, but I am adamant about having something that people won't discard. I know it's rather ordinary, but we're going to put some yummy cookies in bags that I'm making to match our decor. I am not sure if any of our guests will be able to refuse eating cookies...

    If you do use them...I like what some of the others are saying...use them as place cards/escort cards...make sure they get dual use, so they aren't just something that people pick up on the way out or anything! They are indeed super super cute!

  11. My FI will have the final say... because I am neither for or against the suitcases. That being said, I would never keep some plastic suitcase. My home is clutter free-- clutter makes me bonkers! It doesn't bother me if my guests don't keep our favors :)

    If Mr. RB doesn't mind paying for it, then I'll use the $2 clear plastic ones. We have a small guest list... so the cost wouldn't be too much to take on. The thing is, we have to fill it with something, so these favors will end up costing over $3... for candy & plastic. Ugh.

    If he doesn't like this idea (or price) then I may end up doing a popcorn buffet! I saw one on WB that looked yummy.

  12. Those are so cute! I love favors, but I really hate paying a ton of money for favors that not everyone will care if they get anyway :/

    Check out my blog (! There's a surprise for you!!

  13. In the end, we decided not to do favors. I don't know if anyone noticed, and if they did, they certainly didn't say anything to me about it.

    Along the clutter free train of thought, I second the luggage tags. They're way better than the paper tag the airline gives you and I'm sure you could get them with your colors or a bit of your design on them.