Friday, November 27, 2009

It's really happening...

Dress shopping has been quite a major stress for me. I have a small bust & thicker hips. I've got some baby makin' hips. Sigh.

My local bridal salon had a sale going on 30-70% off all dresses from old stock. Well... I went in all "I want a sweetheart neckline, a full skirt (but not poofy) & lace!" I ended up with this:


I'm a small bust bride (we're talking B's here) and the embellishment & deep V actually is really flattering. Did I ever think I'd end up with a dress like this? Never. I thought that this style of dress wouldn't work with my hips, but it gives me a smokin' shape! It is sexy. I never wanted to look like a princess, I want to look hot. lol. Also straps? Eww.. I never thought I'd get a dress with staps & here I am. Sigh. You don't know until you try it!

My advice to other brides is to throw your ideas out the window & just be open minded. The first round of dress shopping I ended up not liking anything because I had an idea in my head of how I wanted to look... when in reality those looks didn't flatter me at all. This time I entered with an open mind & I found such a pretty dress. I love how simple & beautiful this gown is. I couldn't be happier! haha well I do have some work to do to get my body looking tight enough to show that much of my back & arms, but I'm motivated enough to get 'er done!

Here's the best part ladies... hold onto your hats. This floor sample model was discounted 60% off. AND they threw in the 12% taxes. SCORE!

Have you found your dress already? How many dresses did you try on before you found "the one"?


  1. I feel your pain! lol.... I definitely have the hip/junk-in-the-trunk issues and thought I wanted an A-line dress that would hide my hips... NOT what I got... lol... Here's my post about my dress purchasing: The dress I purchased is an Ella Bridal 5363 (I didn't include a picture on my post 'cause I want it to be a surprise from my fiance! =) )

  2. @Brittney: Oooh pretty! Is the little cover-up included or attached to your dress?

    Who knew that girls with hips could pull off a dress other than an A-line :) lol

  3. I love your beautiful and yes, I can see the hot in it for sure. Such good advice to throw your ideas out the window and be open to trying what you wouldn't expect. You may find you don't like things after all but most of the time, I hear brides saying they got something they totally didn't expect to. :)

  4. That is a gooooorgeous dress. The back is lovely!

  5. Oh man, I can't wait to see that on you! I LOVE the is so sexy, yet so beautiful! Sigh...