Tuesday, November 10, 2009

I'm a DIY Wuss

I had designed a boarding pass invitation (below is the original computer copy) which I loved! For the last week I've been designing the boarding pass holder & playing with the details & design of the boarding pass invitation.

Well... then my computer crashed. Not just a little bit. I mean died & everything was lost! I had sent my work to my email, but when my computer died- so did my love for my invitations.

Now I'm looking online for something that goes with our travel theme wedding! I'm still not 100% sure what I want, but my fiance will have the final say. People go bonkers when they see my boarding pass invites in person, but they are A LOT OF WORK! Sigh. So I searched the internet & a few options that are cute!

#1: I like this option. It's not my favorite, but it's fun. The little circular stamp says "Love takes flight" and would include our names & our wedding date.

#2: This option keeps with our travel theme (check out the map envelope liner!) and can be changed to match our colors. I would make it a little more formal, but it is an all inclusive invitation suite for a great price!

So I'm not sure which route I'll go, but I realized I'm a DIY wuss. DIY is satisfying & fun... but on my long list of things to do (with immigration, job, the big move, etc) invites are slipping on my priority list. I'm leaning towards taking the "easy" route out & paying someone to do it for me!

Are you DIY-ing your invites? Have you had any DIY remorse?


  1. I'm designing our invites... and so far no remorse (though I've redesigned the thing, like, three times!)... we'll see how it goes once I get to the printing stage... I may see how much it'll cost to have them printed professionally (though, since they are full color, I'm guessing our at-home printer will have to suffice).

  2. Awww I LOVE the trunk ones. I'm sure you could make them more formal somehow, even if you just took the theme and made it with softer colors/ more formal graphics.

  3. Love them all. Especially the trunk ones. I've got a thing for suitcases after seeing Mrs. Avocado's recaps.

    I'm DIYing our invites and it's been an interesting process. Thankfully, my Fiance is a computer whizz so he's working on the actual printing part.

  4. Love the travel theme and those suitcase ones are too cute! I am going to DIY ours and hope for no remorse