Thursday, October 8, 2009


Our venue wants us to discourage our guests from "clinking" as an attempt to get us to smooch. Their stemware is pretty gorgeous, so I don't blame them. As I mentioned in my first post we're pretty private when it comes to necking! lol

The thought of tons of kissing in front of parents & grandparents makes me lightheaded! So I needed to come up with an option that wouldn't get everyone involved, but was still entertaining & got SOME crowd involvement. I hate where the clinking never stops... IMO there's nothing sexier than a kiss when you're both stuffing your faces with salmon & beef. Mmmm gravy lips :)

Anyway, after extensive research I've narrowed it down to 3 options:

#1. A Love Song! Our guests have to sing us a line from a song with the word "love" in it. This could be quite comical & I know we'd get interaction b/c my family & friends are big singers.

#2. The Kissing Game! I have no idea where I found this option (probably from someone off of WB named Bean), but its a game w/ dice. We met playing a game online & we love board games (okay, we're both just highly competitive), so I thought this might be a cute way to incorporate our second favorite pasttime.

#3. Monkey See, Monkey Do! This is a game where we have to copy whatever our guests do. Mrs. Seabreeze did this & it was just hilarious. I have a feeling that my guests wouldn't feel as fun or comfortable with something like this though. lol my guests aren't cool like that :(

(Mrs. Seabreeze: Dinner Game)

Which option would you choose? Are you considering something like this so your guests don't "clink" all night long??

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