Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Flowers, flowers, flowers!

One of the reasons I had to have my wedding in my hometown is because I have a lot of connections in the wedding industry. My mom is actually a florist and she is going to do all my wedding flowers: for free! I have picked up the cost for the containers though...

Inspiration #1: I have requested similar arrangements to flank us and our officiant on either side where we're getting married! These flowers are my absolute favorites-- I love the creamy, luxurious whites with pops of green. I really want to use hypericum berries :) It's my favorite type of greenery!!

Inspiration #2: Reception Centerpieces (from Lilindy's Wedding on Weddingbee) I want an exact copy of this arrangement for our centerpieces only with white flowers, including white submerged orchids. lol I am in the process of making my own hanging crystals.

Inspiration #3: Reception centerpieces (also from Lilindy's wedding) These are going to be all white & will just be a shorter version of the tall centerpieces on alternating tables! I love the look of tight arrangements without greens :) This style of arrangement will also end up on our wedding related tables (guest book table, gift table, etc)

I am still undecided on my bouquet or if my men will get bouts! I love the look of pocket squares... it's so smart looking! :)

Are you using lots of flowers? Where did you find your inspiration?


  1. We might be going the pocket square route as well. My fiance has been in a pile of weddings, and he thinks bouts are a huge pain!

    Those flowers you've chosen are really stunning, I am excited to see how they turn out! You're such a lucky duck that your mom is doing your flowers for such a great deal!

  2. I love your inspiration photos! My aunt used to teach floral design classes, and still gets her discounts, so she, my mom and I will be doing the flowers for my wedding. It will be a lot of work, but worth it for the cost savings!

  3. @Stacy: pocket squares look so good! I'm looking for weddings that just went the pocket square route... I was a best man in a wedding this past weekend & I had to wear a bout- yikes! By the time dinner rolled around I ripped that thing off. It's crazy annoying.

    @Morgan: Thanks! It's wonderful to be able to tap into our families talents & reap the financial benefits! hehe. Woo hoo for wholesale discounts!

    My mom says the large arrangements & the bouquets, etc are the easy part... she said the floral centerpieces are the most time consuming. Are you doing floral centerpieces too?