Thursday, October 22, 2009

Who would have thunk?

Out of all the things that actually go into wedding planning, who would have thought that Mr. RB's attire would prove to be the most difficult decision yet? (besides my own dress... but thats another post! lol)

His outfit helps set the tone for the day. If he wears khaki's with a dress shirt & tie its casual. If he wears a suit its semi-formal. If he wears a tux it's formal! Sigh. I was always very against him wearing a tux (especially for a daytime wedding) but then I actually saw him in a tux from a wedding last weekend. Oh. Emm. Gee y'all! If he wasn't 3000 miles away I would have ravaged him silly!!

My FI wears a suit every day to work... so if he wore a suit he wouldn't really be "dressing up" But is a tux too formal for a 12pm ceremony? Decisions, decisions!

Mr. RB then suggested, why not buy a 3 piece suit for the wedding? Hmm... I knew I chose this smartypants for a reason! Its perfectly in between semi-formal & formal and he'll get a ton of wear out of it after the wedding! So now the search begins for the perfect 3 piece suit!

What will your groom wear on your wedding day?


  1. He'll wear a tux! It's still a semi-formal wedding, really, but if I'm getting all dressed up, so is he. ;) None of our guests will be in tuxes, so the fact that he is doesn't make it black tie to me.

    I do like the idea of a 3-piece suit, though... if nice suits were easier to rent, we'd probably put all the guys in one.

  2. haha thats cute... "If I'm getting all dressed up, so is he!"

    You make a good point though! It wouldn't be that formal because none of our guests would be wearing a tux. Hmm...

    Luckily my guy is only having a best man-- so finding a suit for him should be fairly simple. Don't you just love the photo of all the guys in their suits above?