Thursday, October 22, 2009

Tis the season... for soggy breasts?

From my disney Christmas... drool. My fav tree in Toon Town

In Canada, Thanksgiving has come & gone... ours is the second Monday of October! So my focus is already on Christmas!

I spent Christmas with his family last year & I found out they don't do the whole sit down turkey dinner because its so close to American Thanksgiving! I hated that!! I love a big Christmas meal... and since it was our first major holiday together as a couple, I tried to start a tradition for our future family! I decided we would have a Christmas dinner with just our household & open most of our presents on Christmas Eve.... but save a few for in the morning from "Santa". My parents are German and quite often in Germany they celebrate on Christmas Eve.

Well it was just the 2 of us & I decided to make a chicken instead of a turkey. I've roasted a chicken before many times, but this time: I roasted it upside down! My chicken came out with a crispy bottom & soggy breasts!!! He didn't have a potato masher... My leek soup tasted dirty... it was the WORST meal I've ever made.

lol my dear fiance asked that we don't make that particular meal a tradition (but he's still down with our little family having turkey together one day!)

Have you and your guy created any holiday traditions?? Do you love or loathe any tradition?


  1. Your title made me laugh! That's a shame your hubby's family doesn't do a real Thanksgiving, that's one of my favorite holidays. We don't have any holiday traditions yet, except spending them apart because our families don't live close to each other. Something to figure out after we're married!

  2. They do a Thanksgiving dinner, but Christmas dinner is kind of a grab & go style meal. :(

    My FI and I have agreed to do 1 Christmas in Canada, one in the US. My mom & siblings also agreed to come to our home for Christmas once we have kids!

    Ahhh figuring out the holidays is always so tough... good luck & happy holidays :)

  3. Cute post! We don't have any traditions yet, however we normally open our Christmas presents (just us) on Christmas Eve because he simply can not wait to see me open the gifts that he's bought me. A tradition that my family has that I want to bring into ours is to buy a new Christmas ornament every year from a trip that we took. :) That way over the years our Christmas tree will be filled with happy memories.

  4. @Crystal: That's a lovely tradition! I'd love to start something like that... :) Thanks for sharing!