Thursday, October 8, 2009

Olive Juice?

I actually despise olives. I'm a texture gal & these things do nothing for me. However... I searched and SEARCHED for a good blog name, but they were all taken. Yep thats right. All the good names are taken & whats even more annoying is that the majority are INACTIVE!! Most were started in 2002 & never touched since.

Seriously blogspot, start deleting inactive accounts! My options were the one I have now or ""! They were the only 2 names left (haha or so it felt like...)

Anyway after getting this close to giving up on blogging I heard this in the background:

It's a sign!! A sign I tell you!! Praise the [INSERT RELIGIOUS ICON HERE]! I was supposed to start a blog & I'm pretty happy with what I ended up with :)

How did you end up choosing your blog name?
Were you frustrated with the lack of options available to you??


  1. I happily am the first since it was you my dear that encouraged me to blog! I picked my name because well my skin color is an awesome sun kissed mocha and due to the recession and being a stay at home and owning a new business, I'm cheap, but still a diva so I am the Mocha Frugalista!

  2. Heck yes. I hate the lack of blog names available. I choose mine because, well, I am a Bride On A Shoestring. And Shoestring Bride was taken. Boo!

  3. @Mocha: I did encourage you to blog!! We want to see your great creations :)

    @Brideonashoestring: I was so annoyed last night!! They need to start deleting accounts or something. Most people blog for a few days & then they lose interest. I think this issue might have just made it to my pet peeve list! lol

  4. Haha when I clicked over to your blog, I was thinking of that family guy quote before I even read this post!

    I didn't have a problem thinking of a blog name for myself, but it was a while ago so maybe more of them are taken!

  5. Weddings consume every ounce of my being and thoughts since I became engaged about 10 months it was just a given...Thoughts of the All Consumed Bride. :) ex-boyfriend and I used to use the 'Olive Juice' phrase as our way of saying "I love you" around others who were maybe uncomfortable with the gag-me-with-a-spoon love fest we used to have. Ironically, I am so glad he was not the one for me :) Glad I found your blog...will be fun to follow along with you.